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Our classic collections are expanding with another wonderful stone. Labradorite is the stone of mysticism, magic and transformation. An ideal companion for autumn, the time of change.

New Arrivals

1994 Monika Herré came to Bali rather spontaneously and found herself captivated by the place.


At the time Monika was a young fashion designer with a rebelious and entrepreneurial spirit and soon she had her first garment collection which she produced with the help of some local seamstresses.

However it did not take her long to stumble upon another true passion in the form of jewelry design. Like many others that visited the magical island of Bali she recognized quickly the remarkable craftsmanship of the indigenous people and culture.

Monika Herré has worked with traditional Indonesian silversmiths ever since, creating unique, qualitative and handmade pieces.

An understanding and respect for the culture and people we collaborate with is fundamental to how we operate as a business. Therefore we work hard to preserve the unique skills and the holistic way of life of our silversmiths and their families.


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