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The team


The Herré Family

Monika Herré (right) began designing jewelry  in 1996. In 2007 she founded this company: Monika Herré Jewelry. In 2019, her two children Cleo (left) and Momo (center) joined her. Momo is active in the company's management while Cleo is responsible for our marketing.

Putu Purwanadi

Putu heads our production in Bali. She has been working with Monika since 1997. She started out as Momo's nanny, but Monika quickly realized that she had a very different skill-set. Since 1999 she has been working in our jewelry company and since 2009 she has been in charge of the entire production and is an essential part of our team and family.



Budi is our best silversmith and also the one we have worked with for the longest time. He has since gone freelance and built his own smithy. His wife sows the  beutiful bags which we sell our Jewelry in. Next year he would like to look for a trainee to whom he can pass on his skills. Budi is a master silversmith trained in the traditional Javanese method. This includes flush setting gems with a hammer and bending the ring bands manually. This is truly a dying art, championed only by a few remaining artisans.

Helena Hanan Nebel

Hanan Nebel joined our team early 2021. She has been a great help in designing our social media presence. You will also often see her modeling in pictures herself!

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