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Kaya collection

Brilliant, playful and unique

From Bohemian to Kaya

Kaya is Indonesian and means "rich". This name is intended to commemorate the long history of garnet and at the same time do justice to the royal color combination of red and gold.


Garnet gemstones have been a very popular gemstone for a long time. They were particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s, when they were incorporated into characteristic Bohemian jewellery. Inspired by these wonderfully faceted and sparkling designs, the Kaya collection is a modern interpretation of this bohemian aesthetic.

The Kaya collection, was also created with a season in mind. The sparkling cushion cut and the additional small details give it a playful yet extravagant look, that goes hand in hand with Christmas. Winters can be dark and and colourless as nature lays to rest. We like to brighten up those days with rich, clear and playful pieces like the Kaya collection.