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Opal classic

Subtle shimmer

Where do our opals come from?

Our beautiful opals come from a very special place - a family business called Outback Opals. Since 1989, they have been roaming the Australian Outback for several months each year in search of the most precious gemstone of all: the opal.


The story of Outback Opals is one of passion, dedication, and family unity. It began over three decades ago when the founder spent all his money on a plane ticket to Australia to visit his sister. There, he not only discovered the breathtaking beauty of opals but also his passion for them.


Together with his wife and later his son, he began to mine and polish opals. What started as an adventure quickly turned into a successful family business in its second generation. Their son, who spent a year in the mines of Australia after his training as a roofer, is now fully engaged in the business. He is supported by his wife, who also actively contributes to the company.


The opals from Outback Opals are more than just gemstones - they are a symbol of family unity and the relentless pursuit of beauty and quality. When you wear one of our opals, you carry not only a piece of Australia with you but also the history and passion of a family that has been burning with love for opals for generations.

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