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Kyanite classic

Deep and Blue

The stone with the two names

With its deep blue and light whitish details, the kyanite is reminiscent of the clear sky and the deep sea. The light shimmer is caused by the tabular structure of the mineral. Kyanite's name was given by the 18th-century German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner because of its cyan color. ⠀

The kyanite also has another name, namely dysthene. This name comes from the Greek (di = two and sthentos = strength) and goes back to its unusual property that it has two Mohs hardnesses.⠀⠀⠀⠀

The nice thing about this stone is that you can wear it as a color accent in summer due to its deep blue, and on the other hand it can be combined well in winter due to its cool details.

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