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Handmade jewelry by Monika Herré

Monika Herré, who traveled to Bali as a young fashion designer and produced her first jewelry collection with the help of local blacksmiths, now produces her own jewelry collections together with Indonesian silversmiths. Unique skills of the local craftsmanship meet refined, contemporary design by Monika Herré - with the entrepreneurial goal of protecting and supporting the traditional culture and way of life of the local silversmiths and their families. Monika Herré and her team create unique  rings and earrings, necklaces and pendants with handpicked gemstones such as tourmaline, moonstone, pearls and corals - forged in Indonesia and gold-plated in Germany. In the meantime, their manufacture has grown into a international family company with a friendly philosophy, cultural appreciation and lively creative exchange.

Simple designs and unusual individual pieces
Simple and durable design makes Monika Herré's jewelry timeless companions for everyday and special experiences in the life of every wearer. Rings, necklaces and earrings are of high quality and handcrafted with great dedication, so that each piece is unique. Gemstones in various colors adorn the handmade and gold-plated silver jewelry by Monika Herré as wonderful eye-catchers. The Classic Collection with light moonstone impresses with its restraint and simple elegance, while the 'Classic Pearl Collection' with the soft sheen of the pearls awakens memories of dreamy days by the sea. Tourmaline earrings and rings from the 'Mox Jawan Collection' are beautiful individual pieces that harmonize wonderfully with a simple silver chain. Monika Herré and her team process exclusive diamonds into very special pieces of jewelry. With the 'Classic Coral Collection', dreams of pendants and earrings come true as eye-catchers in warm red tones. And from light blue topaz, pastel rose quartz to brown smoky quartz, Monika Herré produces jewelry sets in a particularly unique design.

Jewelry with an appreciation for culture and craft in the online shop
In our online shop you will find unique pieces made of rare stones and entire jewelry collections with jewelry sets comprized of necklaces, rings and earrings for every occasion. All pieces of jewelry can be purchased individually and can therefore be combined with one another. With this purchase, you support Monika Herré's unusual corporate concept, which enables Balinese artisans to have fair prospects and preserves respect for their culture.