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As part of the Classic Collections, the gold-plated kyanite ring made of sterling silver is a mainstay of Monika Herré's elegant and high-quality design.


The flat ring band wraps smoothly around the finger and is dynamically incorporated into the matt gold-plated setting. This gently surrounds the kyanite and brings out the harmonious depth and the strong glow of the large stone. The ring can be wonderfully combined with any of the other models in the Classic Collections.


Detailed Balinese silversmithing was necessary to transform the dynamic curved designs into unique pieces of jewelry. We owe the precise transitions and the smooth incorporation of the cabochon kyanite into the ring setting to our professional silversmiths, with whom we have been working for up to 20 years.

Kyanite ring

VAT Included
  • The kyanite is distinguished in its polished form by its glass-like sheen and by its diverse shades of blue. The gemstone forms in high pressure conditions and can be found on all continents, even in Germany.

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