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With the Opal Collection, our goal was to create jewelry that is understated yet still a small eye-catcher. Opal is a special gemstone, whose base color is a milky white but shimmers in the most beautiful rainbow colors with the slightest light exposure. The cabochon cut of the stone particularly highlights this effect.  Where do our opals come from? We exclusively source our opals from the company "Outback Opals" (LINK), a family business that has been traversing Australia since 1989 to unearth the most beautiful opals. Our opal jewelry features fair-mined gemstones.  Our craftsmanship: Our jewelry is handcrafted by experienced silversmiths in Bali, with whom we have maintained a partnership for more than 20 years. They practice traditional Indonesian metalworking techniques and help keep this art form alive. Through our work, we aim to support and preserve Indonesian culture.  Sustainability and ethics: Our small family business places great emphasis on sustainability and fair labor relations. We use recycled metals and have long-standing relationships with our stone suppliers. Our work not only involves creating beautiful jewelry but also supporting local communities and preserving the environment.  Our gold plating: Our jewelry is made of pure sterling silver and is plated with a 5-micron thick layer of gold in Germany using an electroplating process. We offer a 5-year guarantee on the durability of our gold plating. Our gold plating is strategically placed to ensure longevity, with sensitive areas such as pendant bails and ring shanks intentionally left un-plated. This ensures that your jewelry maintains its luster for many years to come.  The Opal: Opal, a fascinating gemstone with a shimmering play of colors, transports us to a world of magic and mystique. This unique gemstone, whose name originates from the Latin "opalus," has fascinated for centuries with its shimmering brilliance and diverse color palette. This phenomenon, known as opalescence, is created by the refraction of light on a microscopic level. Opal is considered a stone of inspiration and creativity. It is believed to amplify positive energies, strengthen intuition, and dissolve emotional blockages. Historically, opal has been highly valued and often regarded as a symbol of luck and love. In ancient Rome, opal was considered the most precious of all gemstones because it contained all the colors of other gemstones. In the Victorian era, opal experienced a resurgence in popularity. In alternative medicine, opal is attributed with a variety of healing properties. It is said to enhance physical vitality, promote emotional balance, and stimulate creativity. Opal wearers also appreciate its mood-lifting properties.  Perfect for allergy sufferers: Our jewelry is allergy-friendly, as it is made only from gold and silver. It does not tarnish quickly and maintains its quality over long periods.

Opal ring round

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